My life according to me, Ashley Burk

As I sit to try and think what to write first, I picture several different sitcoms of a teenage girl sitting in her room…life according to…well…whoever. I don’t want to be her. I am here to do something real. This is my chance to do something different, something unique, and something that I love more than breathing and ice cream put together.  Let’s find genuine together. Let’s find authentic. Let’s find peace. Let’s find hope. Let’s ask ourselves not what am I doing next, but what am I doing right now. Let’s sojourn together. Welcome to living a beautiful sojo life, go on this adventure with me.

First of all hi, sheepish grin, it’s such a privilege to get to finally do this. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy hectic life. I guess I should begin with a little about myself. My name is Ashley Burk, and I am from a very, very small town in Texas, we are talking one horse tiny. I felt too big for the tank of my hometown almost as soon as I was put in it. To make up for so much tiny, I was born into a big family that’s a lot like a king size snickers bar, really sweet, a whole lot of nuts, and you never get your fill. I adore adventure, chocolate chip cookie dough, open skies, and coffee shops.  My handsome husband grew up overseas in the country of Nepal and has been to as many countries as I have been to states. We met in the cute typical scenario: college sweethearts, graduated and then married, but we lead a not so typical life filled with a deep craving to experience authentic connections with the people and the world around us. He is the deep thinker and I am the dreamer.

Together, not even a wooly mammoth with a $20 haircut can stop us!

This amazing life is all built upon a foundation of hope that I found in God, and I would not have the strength to be the quirky authentic person that I am without His love and support. He took me where I was and, like a diamond, is forging me into something even more beautiful. You will find nothing else more genuine. His call fills your heart gently, with peace more fullfilling than the sight of a sea-green waves tossing in the ocean, peace beyond the colossal awe-inspiring view of a mountainside, peace above the intimate embrace of any partner, peace that surpasses any understanding. This is the creator who breathed the stars into existence and galaxies unfolded from His hands. He knows your every struggle and every fear. He is chasing after you with a love so fierce it will forever change how you see the world.


The one thing you need to know about me is that I do not have it all together, but I want that to be a part of my story.

I want to not just tell, but show what a big beautiful mess of a life I have gotten myself into. I want to share some of my crazy and not so crazy adventures, so that you’ll be inspired to join in, to live the sojo life with me, and to go after your purpose! I want to feed your curiosity and answer your questions, “What is pho?” I’ll give you some of my advice, like for the exotic and simple stuff. How about, “How to not clean a kitchen, or “Where to find the view in Florence that will hold your soul hostage.” I hope to answer how to find sojo in your every day and not settle for a life that isn’t worth the living. I value your contributions, and I would like for all of us to become a community built upon hope and a need for something more. I want to help you to find that deep seeded peace all of our hearts long after. Just remember to follow your arrow and don’t look back you’re not going that way.

Follow your arrow and don’t look back you’re not going that way!


As I finish this first post, I hear the crescendo of violins. My soul sings as I share a bit of my story (maybe a little Pavarotti?), so thank you for being a part of this emerging saga, as we stumble through life’s adventure.



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