To be simple, I am a sojourner, a traveler. Even when I am home, my heart is exploration, to seek out new experiences and stumble my way into unexpected places. I want to share more than tips and tricks, though there will be some. I offer what my life is, an account of real life obstacles and maybe some helpful advice. I scout out far away digs and local gems, the majesty of creation both near and far, exotic eats and authentic home recipes while seeking to declare the genuine majesty of God. My life is a great big messy adventure, with lots of fumbles that can unearth some rare connections with some incredible people. This is not a wonder bread site for those who have it all figured out. If you are looking for perfect, keep clicking. Here, what we seek is saltier, wilder; we seek what our spirits crave. Leave behind the question what am I doing next, think instead, what I am doing now?